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Spend less time managing and more time teaching! WorkUp is packed with features that will make your job more enjoyable and your teaching more effective.

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Admissions Consultants

Our Personal Statement and Reference management software has been specifically developed with admissions consultancies in mind.

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School leaders

WorkUp is an easy to use service that will allow you to communicate with your students and teachers intuitively and effectively.

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Make technology work for you

WorkUp was developed by educators, for educators, to assist you in your teaching. Coming from a shared background, we understand the needs and demands that teachers have. Click here to learn how we can make your professional life easier.

Learn how WorkUp can help you

Our Unique Software Solutions​

References and Statements

WorkUp makes it easy capture references, organise applications, and help students write their personal statements.

Timeline view shows the statement developing from draft to final version.

Capturing a good reference can be challenging. Our reference form will ensure the referees deliver the information students need for the perfect reference.

A timeline view visually displays and edits the team makes to the references.

Assessment and peer-review

WorkUp helps distribute and collect assignments and peer-reviews to large numbers of classes and students.

Students can quickly check their assignments. Peer reviews can only be uploaded once the student has completed their own assignment.

The student home page allows for quick access to vital information.

Teachers can create forms to assess students. As the students get more comfortable with the peer review process, the teacher can edit the form to allow the students more freedom with the structure of their peer review.

Admin and management

Created by teachers for teachers, WorkUp will help you spend less time managing the teaching, and more time actually teaching.

Students can scan a QR code with their phones and automatically register for the class.

If students miss a class, they can upload a digital absence justification. Approve or not, with one click.

Easily send bulk emails to an entire class.

License WorkUp for your institution

Unlock powerful tools to assist you

We provide full technical documentation on embedding sites and can provide advice to your IT team if necessary.

The site is hosted by us, but runs under your URL. We can take care of all the setup.

As part of the setup, we make any adjustments to the layout to ensure that everything looks correct within your house style.

We can provide a domain name, chosen by you (e.g. www.school-portal.com) and a domain email address (e.g. hello@school-portal.com).

In our standard contract we guarantee 99.5% uptime of the website, and all security, privacy, and maintenance updates to the database or front pages.

WorkUp is used by thousands of students at leading universities and admissions consultancies.

"WorkUp allowed me to give feedback to students with great efficiency and saved me a lot of time."

Xu Lanzhi Renmin University, China
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