WorkUp for Education Consultancies

WorkUp has been specially developed to aid you in helping students with Personal Statements, References and much more.

Personal statements

Help students understand how to craft a perfect personal statement.

Personal statements overview.

Timeline view shows the statement developing from draft to final version.

Student reference letters

Efficiently capture and organise student references.

Capturing a good reference can be challenging. Our form will help the writers give you the information you need for the perfect references letter.

A timeline view visually displays and edits the team makes to the references.

Quickly triage and work on multiple references.


Easily schedule office hours with students, and assign pre-reading documents. Afterwards, your report can be downloaded.

Conveniently allow multiple scheduling options which can be chosen by the teacher or student.

Stay in control of your schedule with a flexible calendar view.

Upload your report after the appointment, with downloadable reading links and a PDF view.


Intuitively view milestones and goals.

Goals can be linked to academic achievements or application timelines.

Mark goals as complete to track the student's progress.

Efficient email

Efficiently send beautiful emails.

Easily send bulk emails to an entire class.

WorkUp sends rich full-HTML with beautiful fonts and images.

"We could freely download the study materials from WorkUp and its grammar check function helped me a lot."

Li Linman Renmin University, China
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